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Mickey Gaidos holding his brady bunch suit case. Well we started off (me and Scott O’brien) by picking up Mickey Gaidos and the funny thing is that he was actually there because as I know of when me and Scott were driving to Mickeys house, Scott just told me that Mickey is always late and never is at his house (there’s worse) so he was there and after he loaded up his Brady Bunch suit case we started off to the land of white trash……Pearl River to pick up are next new school flatlander, Troy Herbert. We got to Troys house and as he loaded up I realized how trashy his neighbor hood is, Troy was problem the most cleanest person on the whole block! And no bull shit! So then we started off to Roswell, GA and about 8 hours after of gay shit talking and music we got to Matt Hulgans house and man this guy lives up in like the fucking smokey mountains! Everywhere near his apartment complex was hills down, up, down, up, down. Chaos man, just crazy chaos. We waited outside while Scott went to get Matt and he told me that when he first met him he was hanging upside down like a fucking bat on those moon walks! Well I could be wrong, I don’t know when Scott said he was on them. So then we went and rode at one of Mat’s spots that he rides at and I was surprised because I didn't even think that he rode! He did some cool ass g-turn timemachines and
cross-handed hang nothings. We got to bed around 2:00 O’clock and watched some videos and hit
the sacks (Mickeys sack that is, laughter!). We got up the next day and went and ate at, fuck I don’t even remember but WHO CARES!!!!! Let’s get to the riding!!!!! I felt like an idiot because I had to go down hill to get to the AFL flatland spot that they had arranged and I ALL MOST BUSTED MY ASS because of me riding with no brakes down that hill. That’s not even funny. We rode in practice it was fucking nuts for some of the experts and the pros. Well enough bull shit im going to start off by the placings.

Mickey Gaidos flipping his way through second place. After Beginner they started expert, Troy Hebert was pulling some good upside down mega spins in practice but didn’t get to pull it in his run so he wond up with 7th place. Greg Overstreet is the guy I think was riding the blue bike and I apologize if it wasnt him but if it was then his runs was pretty good starting with some pinky squeaks and mc Circles and lard yards so they gave him 6th place. John Dowker I had no idear he was even there, so I cant tell you how good or what he pulled but I can tell you that he got 5th place. Then it was my turn to shine and shine I did not, I sucked, bad but I guess my no brakes and crazy timemachines got me 4th place. I can tell you some stuff I did, I started out with a timemachine on the pedals over the head tube, then tried lots of stuff but I don’t fell like telling but I can tell you that I did steamroller to steam boat to wheele chair to crack packer to funky chicken to front yard. Yeah right good. Laughter! Well Scott O’briens come back from the old school into the new school got what he deserved. He started off with a side squeak to pinky squeaks to funky to one-footed funky to one-footed funky miracle whip and a bunch of other stuff that put him in 3rd. Mickey Gaidos got second place which he absolutely deserved. He pulled a bunch of fast front wheele links and combos with a steamroller to g-turn hitch hiker and lots more. And now to the winner of the AFL expert flatlander,

Unknown rider in a timemachine over the head tube. Gabe Kadmiri. This kid is the coolest and rides like a miniature Terry Adams. And the amazing thing is that he didn’t even ride the whole day and got out the for his run and ripped! He started off with a steamroller to side squeak to full barflip back to side squeak then around the world scuffings to the pedals. Then he did peg wheele then to stick bitch then to stick bitch whip too backwards peg wheelie to lard yard. Then he did about two backward hitchhiker jugglers. Man Gabe just rode really good and he’s cool as hell so give it up for Gabe. Sorry that I have no pics of Gabe but you can see some on The Flatlander.

Forward to pro coverage.

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