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Eugene collins

Eugene Collins, eye for an eye. To put into words what Eugene does on a bike is not easy. Anyone that has ever seen him ride has been impressed. One of the most creative an original riders ever. He posses a style that is all his own. He has influenced many and continues to take flatland into places its never been.

More pics.

Write up by Scott O'Brien

Carey Matthews

Carey Matthews, scuffing through a lardyard. Carey is one of our newest riders on the scene. One thing he offers to the whole group is hype. He continues too remind us of the true meaning of riding,"FUN".Cary has proven himself to be a dedicated flatlander. We are all looking forward to watching him progress.

Write up by Scott O'Brien

Eddie Schwall

Eddie Schwall , cliff-hanger. Eddie Schwall is a flatlander that truly loves riding. Eddie and I rode together before most of you discovered flatland. We were both forced from our bikes for several years unfort - unately. But here we are Riding again. One thing Eddies has done is inspirerd many flatlanders in this area. Some of them have no idea that he has inspierd them. Every time I ride with Eddie I am reminded of why I ride. ''For the true love of get - ting on my bike and being creative. " Thanks Eddie. Scott O'Brien.

Write up by Scott O'Brien

Scott O'Brien
N.O. rider Scott O'Brien linking out of a decade. I have known Scott for a while now and I also know his ways. IM talking about flatland riding, his kind is to link from pinky squeak variations to side squeaks flips to cross-footed scuffings, all vary good riding by Scott. And he is one of the biggest expert flatlanders that I know of, however there are plenty of good expert flatland riders, Scott is still one of the best experts in my book. He rode back in the 80's (old school days) but as far as IM concerned he is new school, it's just unbelievable for you to meet a rider from the old days now into the new school without the lame tricks. Scott's tricks are not even close to lame, all new school and this guy really progressed through the last two years. So all and all Scott is all new school and for you to know what kind of incredible run's and tricks you just have to be here to see them.

Write up by Chirs Lilly

Terry Adams

Terry Adams, stick bitch glide. Terry and me (Chris Lilly) has known each other since 94, all though we really started riding hardcore flatland one year later, it was all surprise’s from Terry from there on. Now we are still riding with each other and still he amazes me with everything he’s got. His style is rather ironic and IM basically stating this statement because of Terry’s paths. One day he will be all about the flips, the next all about the rolling, the following day he will be spinning like crazy and in every single path he goes, along comes a different style which I find vary original and rather mind boggling. Basically my statement is that Terry comes vary original when he rides, a style like no-one else, original tricks, great flatland run’s and if you had the chance to ride with him, id treasure that. Terry is the man :)

Write up by Chirs Lilly

Mickey Gaidos

Mickey Gaidos in a brakless smith. I met Mickey probley in 95 and when I first saw him ride it was a whole new way to look at flatland. At the time the biggest flatlander I have ever met was Bill Numan, now I have never been introduced to such originality in a flatlander until I started to ride with Mickey. What can I say, the guy never stops riding, never. Infact sometimes he is so dedicated to one trick he won't drink a thing, tie his shoes or anything else before he pulls this trick or a certain run. Most kinds of tricks he pulls are somewhere along the line of flipping from link to link, weather it's a full-barflip or a really fast combo such as mccircle to full-barflip back to mccircle and then another full-barflip. He's vary dedicated however I would hate to see such talent even thinking of being wasted, so Mickey, keep riding and never stop riding, flatland for life. Peace.

Write up by Chirs Lilly

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