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Simon O'Brien, pedal cross-switch. Pro was next and im going to start off with the top five. 5th went to Simon O’Brien from Australia. He was just unbelievable in his run. Now I have seen this guy ride before on videos and I seen him doing timemachines over the head tube on the pedals no-handed cranking all the way in a straight line. Crazy, total crazy nest. Now Gabe had told me that he did it first try in front of him and Simon said ''I get bored on that trick''. He also did over 5 one-handed whiplashes to bad ass links I couldn't even see! 4th place Cory Stratychuk, and man really he is the coolest guy to talk too. I give Cory so much props for being a cool dude and a good rider. He was doing whiplashes to no-handed hang fives back and fourth then to no-handed front yard then drops out of it no-handed and the last trick of his run was an no-handed spinning hitchhiker. Is that dope or what! 3rd place went to Effraim Catlow. Now Efraim was pulling hitchhiker to half-hiker to some sort of kick flip to cross-footed hitchhiker. And basically he was doing all of what you seen him do before including lard yard to 360 body variel back to lard yard. Alex Jumelin from France was ripping with his cliff hanger to barflip to tomahawk on

Alex Jumelin, tomahawk on the handel bars.Nathen Penonzek right before a cross-footed hitch hiker. the handel bars that was provoked by the music, ruff Riders which placed him in 2nd. Alex is the man!!! Now to the AFL comp pro flatland 1st place rider! Nathen Penonzek was just flowing the back wheele and the front wheele like crazy! From g-turns to long rolling runs to back wheele combos that can't even be explained. He did it all. And i didn't even understand any of it! So the AFL comp was the best and it will hold great memories (except when Mickey shited in Scotts truck) and I hope I get to go to the next AFL in Ohio. Well this is Chris Lilly and I hope to write more in the future and it will be great to go to the next AFL comp. And much props to brian Sofer, Chris Day and others that held the contest, thanks for reading, good bye.

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