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(first name not known) young from the Dig-it team in a hang-five. Dorkin in York was 4 flatlanders destination. They arrived to a jam packed HUGE parking lot, a flatlanders dream. (Think 5 super Wal-Mart parking lots put together!) All riders ready to stoke some sh*t in the blazing hot sun beams of Pennsylvania! Ride on, oops. Read on...."

By Rachael Newsom

Props to Rachael Newsom for the front intro! Well we first started off at the New Orleans airport and flew from there to Atlanta GA. Then got on another plane to Philadelphia PA. The plane trip was the first for Mickey Gaidos and me (Chris Lilly) so we were pretty nervous during the boarding onto the plane. But we remained calm when we first started off getting up in the air. At this time Mickey G was total freaking out! He kept looking out the window like a kid in the candy store ranting on about how high we were. Well, for me, I was stoked!!! Laughter! So later on when we landed in Philadelphia PA. Then we had to take one of those shuttle buses or whatever to get to York so we could ride! O yeah and while we were taking this bus Scott decides to pull out his Wang and run it across the boxes while no-one could see so we start cracking up and the other passengers start laughing along and had no idea! Well, ride on Scott, ok maybe thats sick! Let’s skip ahead, we got to the rental car place and took are stoked out white pimpin van to get to York! When we finally arrived about two or three hours later we pulled up in Holiday Inn and Pat Schoolen was out riding with everybody in the parking lot so we said fuck it. So we drove to the lot and pulled out are bikes and started to put them back together. I never got to mention that the boxes that we had are bikes in were sheets off of Terry’s old bed! Yes, sheets. His mom decided to put them over the boxes to try and get them on for free. Didn’t work but props to his mom for trying.

Taro posing for the next ninja turtle add. So we get out there in the parking lot after we get the bikes put together and my riding is sucking like always! Terry’s ass gets out there and adapts to it in a second! Well most of everybody except me of course. Nah I shouldn’t dog on myself so much! So while we are riding we find out that the guys from the Dig-it team are there. So one of them came up too Mickey and me and we start talking to him, this guy is a brakless rider with many, many skills. I think his name was (first name not known) Young, I’m not too sure, I mean the guy is from Japan! On this night I saw him do hang-five to half-packer, swing it around to cross-footed hitchhiker. Then Taro came up to us and started with a little singing along when terry, Scott and the two other guy’s from the Dig-it team came up to us. Taro kept singing “Mosoliko! Oh Mosoliko!” So then they asked Scott to sing, so he then he sings “Back that ass up! Back that ass up!” Taro was like “back, ass up?” “Ass up? ” “Back thaT aSS up” “Back that ass up!” It was so to funny! The two other guys from the Dig-it team was Skip, the owner of Dig-it and I think the other guy on the green Quamen was Kataro, I’m not too sure though. So later on Pat Schoolen decides to tell the Dig-it team that we need to go to Hooters so they can drink and watch girls. Now that’s fine with me! But Pat was really pushing it. I mean we had just got there and were vary tired. Other than that I guess he didn’t realize it. And I would just like to thank Pat for that because at Hooters all of us, South Riders, Dig-it team, Brian Huffman and Eric Mitchell, never laughed as much as we did in are whole lives. I will tell you why now! As soon as we got back from

I can't believe Taro did this!!! the lot and to the hotel, while we were getting ready Mickey decides to wear his ninja turtles pants. Scott says no and Terry kept saying “Yes Scott!” “He has to wear them!”. I will tell you more about the ninja turtle pants in a second. So when we arrive at Hooters we all sit down and order some drinks and some food. So then all of the Japan guys are freaking out over the girls and Taro grabs one of the girls and says “Let me sing to you” she says “Sing? Um, ok!” Taro stands up and clears his throat, then begins “Mosoliko” “O mosoliko”. After the singing to her he takes a napkin and slips it right into her breast. We had to be the most loudest people in there! Everyone cracked up hard! Then Taro looks at me and says, “You shy guy” “Open your heart” “Sing to me!” Well I wasn’t about to stand up and sing, don’t ask me why! I asked Terry, he didn’t want too either. Ok back to the ninja turtle pants. So I pull out the pants that Mickey brought even though Scott said not to. He was hiding them in his big ass shorts that fall off when he walks, so I pull them out and show them to Taro. Ok now Mickey was going to wear them but he pussyed out on us. Now Taro pulls his pants down right in front of everyone and puts the ninja turtle pants on and walks around Hooters with some paper towels down his pants and signs everyone while walking. Then he takes the paper towel

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