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Ride on Japan!. Then he takes the paper towel holder and puts it in his pants playing with it going up and down. It was too crazy and Iím very surprised that we didnít get kicked out. O yeah then Scott puts them on too, laughter! So the next morning we get up and head straight to the parking lot. We show up and there are a few riders we see, Anthony Durbano, Brian Huffman. I didnít know who else was there but I really wanted to talk more about the riding but there is so much that happened that these pics should say it all. But I can tell you that there was over 100 flatlanders later on and to many names to remember. Iím going to skip ahead to when Kevin Jones and Chris Young doing whiplashes down the hill by the lot. Well thatís what they were doing, laughter! This hill was so steep and didnít even look possible. I didnít get to see Kevin do them but I saw Chris do about fifteen of them down this hill. Now at this time everyone wanted a piece of it. So one of the guyís fly as fast as he could doing a framestand, didnít pull it but everyone was cheering him on. Another guy, who was a street rider on a General Lee, rode on the frame all the way down. If he would have fallen he literally would have died because at the rate of speed he was traveling was too damn fast! So props to him for risking his life for the enjoyment of otherís cheering him on. Not to mention my bro Terry (Adams-southrider) do a hitchhiker all the way down the hill, and boy did he bust his ass! But it was damn crazy!!! So then after the big jam and riding we went back to the hotel and rested up. Then we went to watch the world premiere of the newest Dorkin video. And man I tell you it was beautiful! This was a combination of all of the videos combined together. Iím not going to give it away you will just have to see it for yourself.

Armin Batoumeni, no-handed backpacker. But I can tell you everyone was flipping out over Chase!!! There wasnít much new footage of Kevin because Mark was still working on it. I would really like to thank Mark Eaton for making this video because it is the best, always will be and he really captured the whole idea of riding into 30 minutes of tape. He is a man of many meanings, a man of true honor, a man of knowledge. Props to him. Now we were told that we could ride with Kevin in the tennis courts the next morning, as we did. So the next morning Kevin was out there riding, I didnít ride, I mean its Kevin Jones! You know! The guyís from the Dig-it team showed up too but by that time Kevin sat down. So then Armin Batoumeni was finishing up for Terryís part of the video that he was making, he got some real good stuff of Terry. Later on I saw Taro pick up a basketball and the whole Dig-it team was playing with the ball passing it back and forth. I have never seen nothing like this before, I know itís just playing but they looked damn happy. It looked so much fun! Laughter! So then Pat tells us again that Kevin wants to ride with us, this time by wall-mart. So we go later on at night and Kevin never shows up, Leif (Valin) does though. And all I have to say is Leif is one of the coolest flatlanders and nicest guy out there. And heís one of my favorite riders out there to watch. O yeah and the whole Dig-it team from Japan drove 3 hours out of there way so they could run up and down the steps of Philadelphiaís capital like rocky, I had no idea they knew who rocky was? Well that pretty much sums the whole trip up, I really wanted to talk more about the riding but it sounds good. The trip was the best we have ever taken and we will always remember this trip until the day we die, this is Chris Lilly and if you like this report on York then write me!

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