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    Zack Demboske

    I managed to pull this interview up for yall through the phone (crazy huh?). If you ever got to watched Zack ride you would be vary impressed. Hes super fast riding skills along with long flip runs are vary rad. This interview is a bit old, I had it on my old page but im not to sure if every one got to read this so I though id put it up, hope you like it:)

    Zack Demboske (florida boy). Chris Lilly(CL): Name? Zack Demboske(ZD): Zack Demboske.

    CL: Age? ZD: Uh..18.....I think.

    CL: Where are you from?
    Im from Fort Walt Beach ''Florida''.

    CL: How long have you been riding?

    Uh.....4 and a half years.

    CL: Why do you ride? ZD: Why do I ride?.....Cause Terry Adams makes me.

    CL: What kind of bike do you ride?
    um....I ride a piece of shit rigid. But Aron Frost is sending me a Tao soon.

    CL: What motivates you to ride? ZD: Um...Just a kid I know named Terry he motivates me to ride, hes from Hammond, yeah Terry.

    CL: What kind of tree does a Terry Berry tree grow on? ZD: What kind of tree does a Terry Berry tree grow on?......A berry berry tree, a fruity berry tree, A fruity berry.

    CL: What are you working on new? ZD: Um...A lot of hard bike tricks.

    How was your trip to New Orleans? ZD: was fat (Laughter!). I had a 8 hour session.....I had to teach Terry how to ride.

    What was it like staying at Terry Berrys house? And is he strange? ZD: Well.....After I had a battle with the chikens and killed the ants, I got to sleep but Terry kept feeling up on my legs (Laughter!).

    Zack in a upside down timemachine. CL: Whats your favorite trick? ZD: My favorite trick?.....Umm......Umm.....Thats a hard One....Umm.....Mad circle Ks.

    Who are your favorite riders? ZD: Chris Lilly, Mikey Gaidos, umm....Scott...Chad Degroot.....Umm...Aron Frost, I think my worst is Terry Berry....I hate that bitch. Cause he learns to fast.

    CL: Do you like Bananas? ZD: Um....Bananas....Oh yeah I hate fucking bananas. I hate those....Well actually there good. Laughter!

    CL: Trevor or Chase? ZD: Mmmmm............mmmmm....Chase.

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    Zack Demboske interview Copyright 2000 South Riders -