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    Zack Demboske

    Zack Demboske (florida boy). CL: Who would you like to thank? ZD: I would like to thank Zack Demboske...Umm.....(Zack is thinking).......All the ants at Terrys house....Ummm.......Um.....Laughter! My girl friend cause without sex I cant ride, ummm......

    CL: Is that it? ZD: Nah. All of the bike riders in u s of a, and Canada. And Japan. And Finland....just the world I mean. Or and Terry Berry cause without him rubbing on my leg I dont know what I would do.

    CL: All I would like to say is that no one is gay in this and this is the most fucked up interview I have ever seen. And there are vary bad words in this and that its ''FUCKING CRAZY!''.

    Later, Chris Lilly.----------------------------

    Zack Demboske interview Copyright 2000 South Riders -