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    Burning Bike Festival, Ohio

    Matt Willhelm. Well, the contest was dope! But by the time pro flatland came, I was to worn out! But I still watched closely...ok here we go...8th place went to Paul Palmer, Paul kept trying this upside down pedaling megaspin that I think Kevin Jones invented a while back. I think Paul got nervous when he seen Matt Willhelm doing the same trick! 7th place went to Akira Okamura who came all the way from Japan to ride and he was probley one of my favs that showed up. Akira rode really good in practice but could not hold it together in the comp, but he did manage to pull a 180 bunny body variel from the back pegs into a lardyard (sounds crazy hu?). 6th place went to Brendon Fenton, Brendon came from Canada and I could tell! He rides with no brakes and rides with Chase a whole lot! To tell you the truth I cant even explain what that dude was doing...just crazy stuff...all crazy stuff...5th went to Armin Batoulmenti, this dude kicks ass! One-footed cliffhangers and stick Bs to forward deathtrucks in every run! I might be wrong but I think he is from France. 4th place Brian Tunney, well, I donít like Brian all that much because of the looks that he gives me and I heard that he talks about me.... So I really did not watch his run but I think Paul Palmer should of beat him! 3rd place went to Matt Willhelm and this dude is just plain insane.... He spun the fastest no-handed timemachine that I ever saw. He spun so fast I did not even see him, just a Blaire of his camo pants. Man, Matt is just the best, what can I say. He is the man in my book. It was his first pro comp and he let them no he was coming up their ass. 2nd place went to the owner of Chenga World, Scott Powell. Scott was dialed as my moma. I donít think he ever touched the Ground, he ripped. But I forgot what he did! First place went to York Uno. York came with Akira all the way from Japan. And all I can say about York is that he has really big hair and he kicks ass. When he got first Akira went nuts, no one could understand them both, they would talk like this ''Yo yo oun dsijodsji sptohjlk oijuolkko jkijjkoidgj''. But he rips ass. And plus he has no brakes. What can I say ''he is the man of Japan''.

    By Terry Adams

    York Uno. york Uno 02. Flatland, my man, I cant even begin to tell you how sweet it was, but I will try. The feeling I got from all of the riders, they were just stoked on being there and riding with everyone. It really was one of the best times I ever had on my bike. The riding was outstanding, riders from Japan, Canada, France and USA, check out the Solution video and you can see for yourself. To end it I will tell you my favorite things about the, none of that competitive bullshit...two, brother hood...three...I got to watch Ben throw up at the end of his run, ''Love you Ben, you stoke me''. Hey if you get a chance to go to a 2-hip contest, go, IT RULES! Peace out, Scott OíBrien.

    By Scott O'Brien

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