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Hey Chris, I got some press releases from KHE bikes I thought you might find intresting.
From: Mark @ webmaster@byke.org

KHE will soon be producing its new "No slip" freewheel hub. This freewheel based hub will act similar to a cassette hub with an internal freewheel mechanism inside the hub, and due to its design it will produce direct drive with no gap. This will allow for 100% direct pedal power. Another advantage will be the possible use of 13+ teeth sprockets. This hub will have:

Sealed bearings Threads on both sides (This will allow left side drive). Available in both 10 and 14mm axles. The KHE "no slip" hub is produced by "ACROS" in Germany.

KHE will also be bring out a 24" freestyle fun cruiser by the end of this
year: The bike will features (same specs as the 20" versions):

- 14 mm axles front and rear
- "SD"-Rotor
- grind pegs
- V-brakes front and rear
- Also the first in the world 24" ALEX double wall, 48 spoke rims

KHE is currently producing a new fat chain, designed for purely for street. Manufactured by Wippermann in Germany, the links will have flater edges making them more versatile for street use. This straight edge design will also allow the chain to be much better for grinding as well as making it allot stronger. This new KHE chain will be available in sizes : ½ x 1 1/8" sizes.

In co-operation with SCHWALBE, KHE will produce a new "pure dirt tire". Anyone interested in this new tire can see it at the Eurobike tradeshow.

The new "SD" rotor system makes it possible to have new stem designs, As it is no longer needed to keep stems a certain width or length for gyro“s. The new stems will arrive just in time for the Eurobike tradeshow.
KHE will also comes out with a "half" chain link This design will allow you to shorten your chain by 1 link rather than the conventional two-link system.

Brandnew BMX rotorsystem

At KHE-BMX everything will change in 2001. We will be the first company who will use the all new "SD" rotorsystem on all our KHE and Titus complete bikes. In co-operation with the company Diatech / Dia Compe this revolutionary new rotorsystem "System Diatech". This design has been in developement for over three years and is now patented worldwide.

1. you can use normal single cable (top and rear)
2. no flexing anymore "direct power"
3. easy and faster assembling
4. no rotor adjusting anymore
5. "Lowrider" stem comes down direct on the head set
6. no sharp corners
7. clean looking
8. stronger head set

In the future as a dealer you will not have to ask yourself :

How many hours will I need to adjust the rotor that it will work right?
Above all, the anoying orders of the rotorcables has an end. The times where you had to find out what lever / rotor combo you have is over, you will always be sure to have the right cables, because the rotor works with generic cables.


Make it easier.
Your KHE - Team

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