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    Jeff DesRoche

    I never got the chance to meet or ride with Jeff but I do know somewhat about him from hearing from other riders that he is an incredible rider and rides brakless. I only e-mail him every now and then and chat with him on icq once and a while. Jeff is one of those riders you need to be watching out for, this guy could be the next Chase Gouin, well here's the interview, hope you like it.

    Jeff DesRoche using his mad brakless skills.

    Chris Lilly(CL): How old are you? Jeff DesRoche(JD): Im a year older than my sweet sixteen!

    CL: Where are you from? JD: Toronto, Ontario, and thats in Canada!

    CL: How long have you been riding?
    Coming up on two years in march!

    CL: Who do you ride with?

    Mostley with Mike MacPhaden, or Jay Smith.

    CL: Why do you ride? JD: Im obsessed! Fun, challenge and because it's something to do!

    CL: What kind of bike do you ride?
    Im riding the Standered Tao right now but im going to be on a Gouin frame in a little while!

    CL: Has there been times when riding flatland, you get to mad to ride? JD: Dude, I get mad all the time, There are days where I get so mad that I break everything I see! I have a really bad temper I guess, but im really getting controll more and more everyday!

    CL: Who is your soul mate? JD: What? Im not to sure, thats gotta be my lil Dykey! My riding is my soul mate forsure, Mike MacPhaden and my lady Cassidy are defonatley up there too though!

    CL: What does a Terry Berry tree grow on? (Laughter!) JD: Dirt? (Laughter) What?

    Do you respect the pros a lot? JD: Um, thats kinda a weird question, im starting to consider myself a pro and I also consider different riders pro's than the general flatland society would! See I think that the pro class should be divided up into two classes! There is super pro and just pro! I have this format because there a lot of good riders out there in the pro class but I see it as the pro riders that inovate are the super pros and the pro riders that just are good, are the normal pros! Chase and Kevin are the top of the super class! And there is Brian Tunney in the bottom of the pro class! Hell throw him in the beginner class for all I fuck! So im trying to say I think I respect some and some I dont!

    Do you like going to contest? JD: Im kind of the one who wants to stay away from comps, but every time I hear about a comp I really wanna go! Im kinda stoked about the comps that I'v been to, they fucking ruled! I meet new riders and made some friends, get the chance to have a good fun session. The driving and nagging and money spending and hotel's and nurvous feelings I could defonatley do with out though!

    Notice his tire is off the ground, crazy hu? CL: Are you thinking about going for pro? JD: I defonatley made up my mind, im going to go pro at Elesinore 2000 comp in march in Toronto Canada! Jason Brown, Cory Stratychuck and all the other are going to be on hand so i'll have to see what thats like. But yes im going to go for it there, no backing out!

    Where do you go to ride when its snowing a whole lot? JD: I ride a lot less in the winter, you know Canadian winters! But as for where I ride its pretty much two place's, I got enough room in my basement for about nothing but im going to really work on some tight brakeless spining things this year! Im really working a lot of rear wheel too so I got enough space for that! As for keeping and learning longer rolling switche's. I got a place called the Whitby Psyke! Its called that because its an old abandon mental hospital in our town! We (Mike and I) try to get there as much as possible!

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    Jeff DesRoche interview Copyright 2000 South Riders -