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CFB Round 1 Jacksonville, FL

No doubt about it, Martti Kuoppa won hands down. The CFB Round 1 Jacksonville, FL comp really opened my eyes and reassured me that Flatland is Strong,Wordlwide, and Creative.

To me it is amazing to see the riders from around the world here in the US to ride flatland. They have a so much influence on myself and the people I ride with. I counted 16 riders from Japan, 6 from France and many more. We had a great time all of the riders were very impressive.
Martti won, there was no doubt about that.
Enjoy the pics.

Scott O'Brien F4L

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Aaron Frost York Uno Alain Massabova Jimmy Petitet
Jimmy Petitet 02 Jorge 'Viki' Gomez Kotaro Tanaka Martti Kuoppa and Scott O'Brien
Martti Kuoppa Martti Kuoppa 02 Martti Kuoppa 03 South Riders
Terry Adams Unknown Uknown 02 Unknown 03
Terry Adams and Scott O'Brien. Rachael Newsoms grandfather after the comp.

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