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    The big easy jam, N.O.

    Art Thomason, spinning hitchhiker. The flatland that was going on was more than just plain insane, it was unbelievable. Two of the riders that came down were Zack Demboske from Florida, pro Hoffman rider Art Thomason from Oklahoma. Local New Orleans riders, Scott OíBrien, Troy Hebert, Mickey Gaidos and Jared (I have no idea what Jaredís last name is) also rode. Me and Terry (Adams) got up there at night time...Watched some videos rode in Zacks van to a parking garage...And then we fucking rode. We rode there until 2:00 O'clock at night; well I think we did. Then in the morning headed out towards the mall. Got some lunch while Scotty (Laughter!) got a hair cut. Then we went back to Scottís house...Then rode around for somewhere to ride, and then we started to ride right in front of a baseball field. This guy Art Thomason, well...heís just one of the best pros out there. Guy that I think is not much of a pro would have to be Brian Tunney, Art; heís a real pro.... Spinning hitchhiker to jugular back to spinning hitchhiker! Thatís bad ass! He also was pulling out those spinning hitchhikers to full barflips to hitch hikers. You canít tell me thatís no good. Most of the stuff he was doing I did not even understand it.

    Scott O'Brien coasting a hitchhiker. Troy Hebert kept getting mad and thowing his bike...well I was mad to but did not show it. Umm...this kid named Chris Lilly, he sucked, and he sucked badly. Worst rider I have ever seen. Mickey Gaidos did not show up until we stopped riding...But Iíll give you a little info on the stuff he was pulling the other night. Steamroller to hitch hiker back to steamroller to cross-footed cross-handed elephant glides, flip that to cross-footed elephant glide...And it go's on from there and some full barflips too. Jared showed up at the same time as Mickey, when I saw him ride it was at the parking garage he was on the other side of the lot...I donít know why. But all and all Jared is a really good rider (Chris Lilly sucks) and heís a really cool person and heís got some good style. Oh and now to Scott...He was going off! Props to you Scott! Evan if I saw him touch THAT GUY IS WAY TO HARDCORE TO WORRY ABOUT THAT! Terry my bro. Going off as well. The photos say it all. Zack Demboske is one of my favorite riders to watch. When he rides its like he looks hyped all the time. Spinning mad circle Ks.Cross-footed peg wheelie to upside down timemachine and swing around to the left side of the bike and drop out of it. Yeah Zack! I donít have much to say.... We rode.... Had fun...watched each of us and all and all it was worth going to Scots house to ride.

    Art Thomason Art Thomason in a tomahawk Art Thomason, carl cruzer Scott O'Brien
    Scott O'Brien in a hitchhiker Scott O'Brien in a side squeak Troy Hebert Troy Hebert, side squeak
    Terry Adams Terry Adams, circle k on the pedal Terry Adams, crackpacker Zack Demboske
    Zack Demboske cross-footed side squeak Zack Demboske, mad circle k Zack Demboske, junkyard

    The big easy jam, N.O. Copyright © 2000 South Riders -