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    Burning Bike Festival, Ohio

    Terry and me went to quite a few comps in 99'. But none compared to the Chenga comp (burning bike festival). There was really something great about that comp. I will just break it down for you like this...We got the bikes on the plane for free...No one bitched about a thing...All of the riders were not the big guns you see all the time, but still ripped it up. Chenga is probley one of the best skate parks in the world and everyone was just stoked to be there.

    By Scott O’Brien

    Jeff DesRoche. I did not go to this contest but just from the footage I saw is enough to tell you about it. Expet flatland had to be seen to be belived. Riders such as, Jeff Desroche from Canada. Pulling steamroller to barflip to crack packer. Along with his best friend, Mike Macphaden. Doing crazy Canadian stuff such as big cliffhangers and big long rolling switches. Rider Josh King was ripping it up on the floor with his Paul Osicka like links. He was pulling his side squeaking bar flipping mad man links. But could not hold it together for his second run. Lee Barnam is pretty good for however long he has been riding but he needs to ride a little more. I don’t think I saw John Dowker ride but IM sure he also ripped ass as well. Marcell Trembley rode inside the Skate Park for a while but did not enter the contest because of the lack of air in his tire. Terry Adams (my bro.) was tearing it up on the chenga floor with his full barflips to hitch hikers and time machines. Scott O’Brien, the man that brought Terry to the contest, was going off with his one-footed funky chicken whips to hitch hikers. All of the expert flatlanders were going off and they all deserve total props.

    By Chris Lilly

    Mike MacPhaden. Josh King.

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