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    Anthony Durbano

    Anthony Durbano in a switch cross-footed elephant glide. MH: If your house was burning down, besides your bicycle, what would you save?
    AD: My girlfriend.

    MH: Good one. Are you into music? AD: Yeah.

    MH: What do you have that would be emberrassing to tell? AD: Music wise?

    MH: Any Warrant in there? AD: No... no... I think I've got a good selection of music I wouldn't be afraid to show anybody.

    MH: Like what?
    AD: Oh like Neil Young, Pearl Jam, Read Hot Chili Peppers, tribe called quest, Gang Star.

    MH: What kind of music really makes you want to go out and ride your bike?
    AD: Anything that has meaning behind the music. Music in general I guess... whatever gets you going.

    MH: I'm sorry but it has to be asked. Why don't you have back brakes? AD: (Laughs) I could never ever set up a back brake to my liking... for my style, the way I wanted it. And Andrew Arroyo told me, Every trick that has been done on the back wheel can be done without a back break. You don't need it. I think it's cool to have it. Some people might say, Just have it on there and if you don't use it then don't use it. But I'm not going to use it anyway so there's no use having it on there.

    MH: What do you think the best bike of all time is? AD: I'm not sure that question can be answered. Bikes are still evolving and will continue to change. Every era had it's ''best frames'' and they've all been pretty different so...

    MH: Ok now an old school quiz to find out what you've learned. Ceppie Mays... what do you think of when you hear that name?
    AD: ... nothing.

    MH: Brian Blyther?
    AD: ... rider. MH: Ron Wilkerson? AD: Tweaker.

    MH: How do you feel about riding when you wake up?
    Anthony switching link from link. AD: I usually get up get a good breakfast. I'm not really a morning rider. It usually takes me a while to wake up. So eat and take some time... smoke a joint and go out and ride.

    MH: Is it O.K. to talk about that? AD: What... Pot?

    MH: Yeah. AD: Yeah it's OK.

    MH: Well then tell me if you think about the medicinal purposes of it for riding.

    AD: The medicinal purposes of bike riding?

    MH: No do you use it to improve your flatland skills?
    AD: Nah it's not related to my bike... It keeps me a little looser. It keeps me a little more mellow. I don't get as frustrated as easily. I'm pretty mellow anyway though so I don't really know...

    MH: So how do you pay the rent?
    AD: Aaah... I work 2 days a week at my dad's Auto repair shop. I just hang out in the back and check the inventory.

    MH: Do you have your own place now?
    AD: No I live at home, but I'm going to get my own place soon.

    MH: Who do you ride with up there? AD: I ride a little bit of street with some of the street riders, but on flat I'm usually by myself.

    MH: How do you stay motivated? AD: Music... I just enjoy (riding)... you know?

    MH: Anything to say to the ladies? Anybody you want to thank? AD: I just want to thank Drew at Drew's BMX cause he's a cool guy. I'd like to thank McKinney... the whole Athens Family. Anybody who's down with riding I guess... and my girlfriend Andrea.

    MH: Thanks.-----------------------------

    Anthony Durbano interview Copyright 2000 South Riders -